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Vincent Uzoh Chiejina (1976) - Funeral 26th July

I regret to inform you that Vincent Chiejina was recently named as one of those who died in the appalling Grenfell Tower fire last month.

The inquest into his death was just over a week ago.   It was reported in the press that:

"Vincent Chiejina, 60, was recovered from the 17th floor of the building and identified by DNA, his inquest heard.

The coroner’s officer said the provisional cause of death had been given as “consistent with the effects of fire”.
His sister Ngoza has been in touch and I have agreed to contact OAs to let you know about his funeral in the hope that some of his friends he made at school might be able to attend..  

His funeral Mass will take place at Saint Francis Of Assisi R.C. Church Pottery Lane, Notting Hill London W11 6NQ at 1pm.   Refreshments will be held afterwards.  This has been Vincent's local church over the last 25 years.

Vincent was a boarder at the Senior School between 1973 and 1976 when he left after gaining A levels in Mathematics and Physics and went on to study Electrical Engineering at Sheffield University.

If you knew Vincent or were in his class, please let me have any information that we can pass on to his family.  If you have any pictures of him too while at school that would also be greatly appreciated.

Finally, Please let me know if you are able to attend the Funeral.  

It would be good if some of us could be there to support his family at this very difficult time for them.  I have on behalf of the OA's sent our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to his family.

May he Rest in Peace

Many thanks for your comments and emails about Vincent Chiejina, which I will not be able to respond to each one individually, but hopefully I will cover all the points raised in this email.

Thanks especially to Anthony Beck who was in the same Maths class as Vincent who, apart from Vincent's family, has been able to shed some light on Vincent's time at our school.

It appears that although Vincent was at our school for three years between 1973 and 1976, he was a fairly quiet person who loved his studies, but was not so interested in sport - and did not like playing rugger.  Vincent, whose was from Nigeria has been at the St Thomas More Catholic Secondary Modern School in Chelsea,  but his parents were given a local authority grant to send him to St Augustine's College as he was a bright student who could realise more of his potential at a school such as ours.

In 1976 he won the Old Augustinians Prize for Mathematics, a subject that he greatly loved.  As stated in an earlier email,  he went on to obtain a degree at Sheffield University in Electrical Engineering.  His faith was very important to him and he did consider the Priesthood, but was persuaded by his father to do otherwise.  He remained committed to his faith throughout the whole of his life.

He was unfortunately ill through much of his life but remained involved with his local church and community.  He did not marry and lived alone.  He was a resident of Grenfell Tower for 20 years.

He leaves behind his Mother and three sisters and our prayers and thoughts are with them at this difficult time.  They are all very proud that Vincent had done so well at St Augustine's and it seems that his three years with us was a very important time for him.

Post date: 24/07/17